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Which unit should I contact regarding toxicity of hazards?

Please contact National Environmental Health Research Center (http://nehrc.nhri.org.tw/toxic/).


Where can I find the homepage of Animal Behavior Core Facility?

Please type http://animalbehavior.nhri.org.tw/abcf/.


Where can I find information on cancer treatment?

The TCOG has published clinical practice guidelines and consensus statements on common cancers in Taiwan (in Chinese only), which serve as reference for physicians and patients. You can view the guidelines online at TCOG’s Publication, or you may purchase relevant books via NHRI Publication website. As treatment of different cancers and condition of individual patient may vary, please consult your nearby hospital or oncologist for medical advice.

Is NHRI library open to public? What are the opening hours?

Everyone is welcome to NHRI library. The opening hours are:
Monday to Thursday:9:00 a.m ~6:00 p.m.
Friday:9:00 a.m ~ 5:00 p.m

Can non-NHRI users borrow books or other materials from NHRI Library?

Yes. Please refer to Library Card Application(Organization) or Library Card Application(Guest) for card application.

How do I purchase publications by NHRI?

Currently most of our publications are in Chinese only, with the exception of bilingual NHRI Annual Report (http://sars.nhri.org.tw/publish/free_index.php), which can be viewed online. Please visit http://sars.nhri.org.tw/publish/ for more information.

Which unit should I contact regarding toxicity of hazards?

Please contact the National Environmental Health Research Center (http://nehrc.nhri.org.tw/toxic/).

How do I apply for Animal Behavior Core Facility service?

Please contact technician, Ms. Yung-Yu Mei at: Phone: 037-246166 #33501
e-mail: animalbehavior@nhri.org.tw


Where can I find information on brief introduction of Office for Student Affairs?

The relevant information can be found on http://goo.gl/TsKokK.

Where can I find information on student affairs?

The NHRI student affairs information is located at http://goo.gl/FUjPpX, which lists NHRI research and training, undergraduate student summer research program and graduate programs etc.




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