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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Research Topics

The research themes in NIEHS are based on not only the expertise and research interest of our PIs, also national public environmental health related issues. Our main research themes are including:


Environmental endocrine interference material exposed and gene impact of inflammation diseases.  

1. Mechanistic study in environmental hormones on fat cells metabolism
2. Cardiovascular related risk factors of follow-up study in children exposed to endocrine disrupting chemicals
3. Environment and Lung Cancer-- the impact of estrogen-like substances on lung adenocarcinoma
4. Gene-environment interaction in the genesis of asthma and allergic diseases
5. Molecular epidemiologic study of endocrinal effects on susceptible population exposed to new and emergency environmental contaminants 
B. Particles exposed and gene impact of inflammation diseases.   
1. Epidemiological study of fine particles toxicity interacted with particle size, geographic location, source category, and exposure assessment methods
2. Identification of molecular pathways for chemical environmental factors-induced lung diseases
3. Effects of fine particulate air pollution on short-term mortality and emergency room visits for chest pain
4. The cohort study on the health impacts of long-term exposure to air pollution on respiratory disease, renal disease and CNS disease
5. Characteristic analysis of cooking oil fumes in domestic kitchens, Taiwan 
C. Environmental medicine
Environmental medicine research is one of our key objectives. Currently we focused on lung diseases and respiratory diseases (especially the asbestos-related lung diseases and complications). We have cooperation with several medical centers and develop many environmental and occupational medicine research programs. We are also focus on other environmental topics including neurology, skin pathology, and cancer and so on. 
1. Biological effects and potential health impacts of visible and infrared light on skin and immune system
2. Effectiveness evaluation of prevention of work-related cardio-cerebro-vascular disorders
3. Study of second primary tumors in oral cancer patients – the environment, nutrition and life behavior points of view
D. National Environmental Health Research Center – Mission Oriented Programs
1. Surveillance , assessment and strategic management of health risk by environmental toxicants in Taiwan
2. Establishment of health risk assessment machinery for food safety in Taiwan
3. Study of health effects of PM2.5 fingerprint
4. An epidemiological and health safety assessment for radioactive near low-level radioactive waste sites in Lanyu Township:A Pilot study




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