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Taiwan Cooperative Oncology Group, TCOG


1. Consensus for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancers (in Chinese)

      Besides actively pushing the clinical research, TCOG invited oncologists to obtain their consensus on cancer therapy guidelines for improving clinical practice across the country. By series of meetings and discussion, several committees have established the consensus statements for cancer diagnosis, operation method, staging, available radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as the cancer screening and prevention. These consensus statements offer patients and their family a correct direction, and clinicians a reference of standard cancer management as well.

     Presently, TCOG, NHRI has published the cancer therapy guidelines (in Chinese) as following. All published cancer guidelines (Chinese version only) are available through the NHRI web site.

  • Therapy Guideline of Cervical Cancer (published on Jan. 1998, revised on Oct. 2000)
  • Therapy Guideline of Breast Cancer (published on Jan. 1998, revised on Oct. 2004)
  • Therapy Guideline of Oral Cavity Cancer (published on Mar. 1998)
  • Therapy Guideline of Lung Cancer (published on Aug. 1998)
  • Therapy Guideline of Colorectal Cancer (published on Oct. 1998)
  • Therapy Guideline of Gastric Cancer (published on Jun. 1999)
  • Therapy Guideline of Prostate Cancer (published on Nov. 1999, revised on Jan. 2003)
  • Therapy Guideline of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (published on Aug. 2000)
  • Therapy Guideline of Radiotherapy (published on Jan. 2003)
  • Therapy Guideline of Brain Tumor (published on Oct. 2004)
  • Patients Education for Clinical Trials(published on Apr. 2005)

2. Cancer Clinical Practice Guideline (in Chinese)

     TCOG also has published the clinical practice guidelines of Taiwan's major cancers  as following.

  • Clinical Practice Guideline of Lung Cancer (published in April 2004)
  • Clinical Practice Guideline of Gynaecologic Oncology (Cervical Cancer Screening, Cervical Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Uterine Sarcoma, Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, Germ Cell Tumor of Ovarian Cancer) (published in July 2004, revised in August 2007, 3rd revised in 2011)
  • Clinical Practice Guideline of Cancer Pain Control (published in Sept.2007)
  • Clinical Practice Guideline of Prostate Cancer (published in Oct. 2010)
  • Clinical Practice Guideline of Colorectal Cancer (published in Nov.2010)
  • Clinical Practice Guideline of Oral Cavity Cancer (published in Dec.2011)
  • Clinical Practice Guideline of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (published in Dec.2011)
  • Clinical Practice Guideline of Gastric Cancer  (published in Jan 2012)
  • Clinical Practice Guideline of Hypopharyngeal Cancer (published in Nov. 2015)

3. Taiwan Cooperative Oncology Group News (Published since Nov. 1992)(in Chinese)

     TCOG has issued "Taiwan Cooperative Oncology Group News" quarterly since November 1992. The publisher was transferred from the Institute of Biomedical Science, Academia Sinica, to National Health Research Institutes in January 1998. We convey the following messages to the cancer research communities: (1) updates of the TCOG's ongoing clinical trials, (2) activities of each committee, (3) medical news and views etc. TCOG News is not just a communication tool among TCOG members and physicians but also gaining a wider readership among other hospital workers and health professionals. TCOG News had ben ceased in 2011.

     TCOG News also publishes special issues, such as the monograph of "MALToma in Taiwan" and "Lymphoma in Taiwan" (in Chinese)  which collected and summarized the clinical experiences of physicians from various hospitals witnessed the progress of domestic medicine. It is most informative and self-evident for TCOG's progression.

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