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Institute of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research


Institute of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research (IBPR), National Health Research Institutes is established in January 1998, having been reorganized to institute in August 2010 from Division of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research. The institute aims to establish, conduct, and support research in new medicines and biotechnology that leads to better health and quality of life. For years, IBPR has established an integrated multi-disciplinary drug discovery team and related technologies including molecular biology, medicinal chemistry synthesis, molecular modeling, automated high-throughput screening, animal pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, and formulation studies. IBPR has shaped into a rare research unit combining omni-technology platforms in drug discovery in Taiwan. The institute emphasizes on mission-oriented new drug discovery including novel drug R&D in the fields of cancers, metabolic diseases, virus-infectious diseases as well as local prevalent diseases.

The field of drug discovery must link to the development stage of research chain and industries in order to implement the research achievements. Therefore, IBPR has also eagerly promoted collaborations with local pharmaceuticals and technology transfer, positioning itself as an integrated institute for applied research and development of new medicines with the following aims:      

  • Conducting integrated drug discovery to develop novel patented medicine and technology orientating by applied development;
  • Promoting collaborative network with domestic academic, research, and industrial partners through research cooperation and drug-candidate transfers to implement research accomplishments on novel drug R&D; 
  • Establishing world-class drug R&D technology platforms to become one of local important novel drug research centers.




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