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Institute of Molecular and Genomic Medicine


  • Form distinct integrated research groups
  • Further recruitment of young promising scientists, postdoctoral fellows and students
  • Develop and apply modern molecular and genomic methodology to conduct high quality research toward understanding, prevention and cure of diseases
  • Promote genomic and molecular genetic research and related biotechnology development in Taiwan


  • Development of state -of-the-art molecular and genomic technology and identification of genes and molecular mechanisms involved in diseases prevalent in Taiwan including cancer, infectious diseases and inherited diseases.
  • Translational application of newly identified disease genes and newly developed methodology in clinical and biotechnological industries respectively.
  • Training and development of promising young scientists including junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students to become productive independent investigators.
  • Establishment of inter-divisional and inter-institutional research collaboration.

Organization chart

Research program and directions

(1) Functional Genomics Research Group

  • Goal : using high throughput genomic approach to delineate genetic basis underlying diseases important in Taiwan
  • Main strength:next-generation sequencing, genotyping, microbial genomics , transcriptome analysis, metabolome analysis, epigenomics analysis and systems biology
  • Focus : cancer, infectious diseases, inherited diseases and neurodegenerative diseases

(2) The Development and Disease Models Research Group

  • Goal :understanding molecular mechanism of signaling pathway in human disease
  • Main strength :use various experimental disease models, including mouse, zebra fish, Drosophila, mosquito and yeast, to delineate signaling pathways involved in development and human diseases
  • Focus:cancer and neurodegenerative disease

(3) The Molecular Signaling and Cancer Research Group

  • Goal :to unveil the molecular basis underlying the development and progression of cancer, and to identify biomarkers useful for diagnosis, prognosis and development of anti-cancer therapeutics
  • Main strength: signal transduction and high throughput gene and protein analysis in cell-based and animal model-based systems, which is complemented by the clinical samples-based biochemical and gene array analysis
  • Focus: lung, liver, breast, and oral cancers




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