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The Immunology Research Center was established in 2007. The Center aims to (1) establish gene-targeted animal models for the studies of immunological diseases, cancer immunology, infectious diseases, and inflammation; (2) establish a transgenic/gene-targeted mouse bank for immunology studies; (3) investigate immune cell signal transduction and the regulation of the immune system; (4) develop novel immunological techniques and immunotherapies; (5) train prospective students and postdoctoral fellows to strengthen immunology studies in Taiwan; and (6) facilitate the integration of basic and clinical immunology studies in Taiwan.
The center’s current research focuses on using gene-deficient mice to study signal transduction mechanisms and the roles of signaling molecules in the regulation of the immune system and inflammation, as well as to investigate the roles of various protein kinases, protein phosphatases, adaptor proteins, and Toll-like receptors in immune cell differentiation and activation.
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